TM DDM pics

from the 2-15-04 Fun DDM

Storm Racing... ummm... Storm DDM!!!


warning!! this is a download link !! 93 screenshots rolled into one avi file!! i found some freeware and i wanted to experiment... yet again. it's called "jpeg video" and it takes a folder of jpg images and makes a windows avi file out of them. so i took a bunch of screenshots from the storm melee and put them into this avi. hope you like it. 3.8MB in size. 93 seconds in length.

the jpeg video program used the Divx codec to make the avi, so if you don't have Divx yet, download this program, install it, and you should be good to go. this is the Divx player and codec v5.01, 2.85MB zipped

and you really should have Divx, since i know you have been downloading and watching, Red vs Blue, season one is over and now season two has started! great stuff!!





TM race ladder statistics!

TM CTF pics!

TM DDM pics!

FUN TM DDM pics!




treadmarks clan maps - download is about 10MB zipped

TM clan flags for clan matches - about 100KB download zipped

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