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TreadMarks downloads

2007 xmas holiday TM mod pack : 8.4MB zipped download


TM clan flags for clan matches [v4 feb2005] - 150KB double zipped download

TM flags - the 20 teams pack by Clan DNX - 198KB zipped download


this is the download to play on the TreadMarks Holiday 2006 server!!!
final version holiday 2006 TM mods : 4.3MB zipped download
kv's final version of the holiday 2006 treadmarks mods. you need this to play on LDAs TM holiday server.


The DMF Horror Pack : 9.7MB zipped download
this is an excellent set of mods that DNX Matrix put together with a halloween theme! Matrix has always put a lot of time and effort into great looking and functional mods. Thanks!!


xmas2005 mods pack and patched : 3.9MB download
and i took out the thumbs.db files, so download is a tad smaller {:-)


Xmas 2003 weapons download 590KB zipped
A2597's elf launcher, A2597's penguin grenades, KiLlEr's TreeGun

Xmas 2003 maps download 2.2MB zipped
sailor's bearing glacier, sailor's iditarod, and kong's donner pass

CTF AddOns maps needed for Wed Nite 2.04MB zipped download

Ifrit CTF AddOns maps needed for Tues night 2.98MB zipped download

treadmarks clan maps - download is about 10.4MB zipped

TreadMarks links

rdanner3 treadmarks downloads

star striker treadmarks downloads

fireowl7 treadmarks downloads

the race ladder status page!

lookie here... treadmarks CTF end game screen captures.

oh my... treadmarks Ranked DDM and Clan War end game screen captures.

pfffffft... treadmarks Fun DDM end game screen captures.

treadmarks euro DDM end game screen captures.



now that you are here.... to amaze and amuse you...

mikey's{:-) sensible family home page    http://www.hallsted.com/index.html

mikey's{:-) senseless personal home page    http://www.softcom.net/users/mikey719/index.html

mikey's{:-) mp3z    http://www.tbhccs.com/2xtreme/mp3me.html

mikey's{:-) all your base are belong to us    http://www.tbhccs.com/mother/all-your-base.html

mikey's{:-) windoze downloads

mikey's{:-) java games    http://www.softcom.net/users/mikey719/evil2.html

the golden ants treadmarks site

my computer that runs the TM server!

my small apple site featuring mac freeware and codeweaver's crossover mac stuff.



the turkey shoot game... okok... Moorhuhn

download the turkey shoot game tips and FAQ for all 4 games : 757KB zipped

download the turkey shoot game [ winter edition ] : 4.73MB zipped

download the turkey shoot game, yippeeee! [ v3 ] : 4.06MB zipped

i want to shoot me some more turkeys! [ v2 ] : 5.65MB zipped download

hooeeey!! i want to shoot me some turkeys!!! [ v1 ] : 1.89MB zipped download

mikey's{:-) main email address: mikey{:-)
thanks, and may peace doggedly follow you.
i bothered to do something with this site, for the first time, on Thursday, April 18, 2002
the last time i bothered to update this index page was on Thursday, July 10, 2014

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